Educators Introduction

Welcome to the McCarter Audience Guide educator materials for Argonautika. This guide has been assembled to complement both your students’ theater-going experience and your class curriculum by offering a variety of interesting and edifying activities for both pre-show and post-performance instruction and enjoyment.

Mary Zimmerman’s adaptations have been some of McCarter student audiences’ favorite productions.  Her unique staging and design concepts speak to a younger generation of theater-goers, who often thrill to the ensemble-based, fantastical retellings of some of mankind’s greatest epics.  The theatrical simplicity by which the tales are told create an excellent foundation for discussion about interpretation, character development, and story.   Please make use of some of the activities and discussion topics found within this guide to enhance your students' pre- and post-performance experience.  Use of this guide in conjunction with your students’ attendance at McCarter’s production of Argonautika affords opportunities for enrichment in historical and cultural studies, language arts, theater and visual arts. Teachers can also link their classroom directly with McCarter Theatre via the new McCarter Theatre Blog (, which can be used to pose questions and post comments regarding the production as it moves from pre-production into rehearsal and performance.

Our student audiences are often our favorite audiences at McCarter, and we encourage you and your students to join us for a live and lively conversation with members of the cast after the performance. Our visiting artists are always impressed with the preparation and thoughtfulness of McCarter’s young audiences, and the post-performance discussion offers a unique opportunity for students to engage intellectually with professional theater practitioners. We look forward to seeing all of you for a wonderful discussion about Argonautika.