Who’s Who in the Production  


Maria Tucci Brian Murray Stark Sands Morena Baccarin David Andrew Macdonald
Maria Tucci
Maria, an actress
Brian Murray
Nicholas, her brother
Stark Sands
Alex, her son
Morena Baccarin
Nina, the daughter of a neighbor
David Andrew Macdonald
Philip, a writer
Larry Pine Daniel Oreskes Jacqueline Antaramian
Laura Heisler Matthew Maher
Larry Pine
Ben, a doctor
Daniel Oreskes
Lorenzo, the caretaker and cook
Jacqueline Antaramian
Paula, his wife
Laura Heisler
Milly, their daughter
Matthew Maher
Harold, a school teacher

Artistic Staff

Adapter/Director Emily Mann
Set Design Eugene Lee
Costume Design Jennifer von Mayrhauser
Lighting Design Jane Cox
Composer Baikida Carroll
Sound Design Karin Graybash
Producing Director Mara Isaacs
Director of Production David York
Production Stage Manager Cheryl Mintz
Casting Director Laura Stanczyk, CSA
Stage Manager Alison Cote