Character Profiles

Hardcastle—A retired British gentleman who owns a country home.  He loves everything old—old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine, etc. 

Mrs. Dorothy Hardcastle
—Married to Hardcastle.  She loves the modern fashions of London, although she's never been.  She tries to keep atop of the latest styles, trends and gossip. 

Tony Lumpkin
—Son of Mrs. Hardcastle and stepson to Mr. Hardcastle.  Spoiled by his mother, he likes to spend his time drinking, gambling, and playing practical jokes.  He is not yet of age, and so does not have control of his inheritance.

Miss Kate Hardcastle
—Daughter of Mr. Hardcastle.  Her father has arranged for her to marry young Charles Marlow.

Miss Constance Neville—Niece of Mrs. Hardcastle and best friend of Kate Hardcastle.

Mr. Charles Marlow
—A well-traveled young man who is overcome with shyness when speaking to women of his class, but is full of confidence when speaking to lower-class women. 

Mr. George Hastings—Best friend of Charles Marlow.  He is secretly engaged to Constance Neville.

Sir Charles Marlow
(father)—Father of Charles Marlow and long-time friend of Mr. Hardcastle.