Glossary of Useful Terms

Black Dog:
Tavern, bakery and tourist site on Martha’s Vineyard.  Producer of t-shirts and hats seen throughout the Northeast.

bell hooks:
Intellectual and activist. Her work focuses on race, class and gender and how they interact.  Her book Ain’t I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism explores how feminism neglects questions of race and class.  She is a supporter of grassroots feminism, as opposed to academic feminism.

Cotillion: A fancy, formal dance for young people.  Often associated with debutantes.

D.H. Lawrence: Controversial early 20th century writer.  His novels explore relationships and were considered shocking for their frank depiction of sexuality.  They include Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover

Jack and Jill: Club for privileged African-American children.  Membership requires sponsorship by a current member.  Jack and Jill clubs plan national conferences as well as parties and cultural outings for their members to mingle.

Quadroon: a person with one black grandparent

Octoroon: a person with one black great-grandparent

Max Weber: German economist and sociologist, considered one of the fathers of sociology.  His book Economy and Society is a foundation of modern public administration.

Utopian society: A perfect, idealized society.  Also used pejoratively to refer to an unrealistic, unachievable society. From the Greek "ou topos" literally meaning “no place,” or “place that does not exist”. The term was coined by Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia.