Core Curriculum Standards

According to the NJ Department of Education, “experience with and knowledge of the arts is a vital part of a complete education.” Our production of Stick Fly and the activities outlined in this guide are designed to enrich your students’ education by addressing the following specific Core Curriculum Standards for Visual and Performing Arts:

1.1 All students will acquire knowledge and skills that increase aesthetic awareness in dance, music, theater and visual arts.
1.2 All students will refine perceptual, intellectual, physical and technical skills through creating dance, music, theater and/or visual arts.
1.4 All students will demonstrate knowledge of the process of critique.
1.5 All students will identify the various historical, social and cultural influences and traditions which have generated artistic accomplishments throughout the ages and which continue to shape contemporary arts.
1.6 All students will develop design skills for planning the form and function of space, structures, objects, sounds and events.

Viewing Stick Fly and then participating in the pre- and post-show discussions suggested in this resource guide will also address the following Core Curriculum Standards in Language Arts Literacy:

3.3 All students will speak in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes.
3.4 All students will listen actively to information from a variety of sources in a variety of situations.
3.5 All students will access, view, evaluate and respond to print, nonprint and electronic texts and resources.

In addition, the production of Stick Fly as well as the resource guide activities will help to fulfill the following Social Studies Core Curriculum Standards:

6.1 All students will utilize historical thinking, problem solving and research skills to maximize their understanding of civics, history, geography and economics.
6.4 All students will demonstrate knowledge of United States and New Jersey history in order to understand life and events in the past and how they relate to the present and future.
6.5 All students will acquire an understanding of key economic principles.