The Design of Twelfth Night

Before I started working with the designers I had a dream about the set.  In the dream I wanted it to be all ice in the first half of the play and red roses in the second.  Ice melted into water and roses bloomed into one magnified and rendered enormous.  And yet the dream foretold my core images for the play: a frozen, isolating world that blossoms into a lush rose garden.”  —  Twelfth Night director, Rebecca Taichman

Director Rebecca Taichman’s extraordinary vision for Twelfth Night’s visual life has been manifested in Riccardo Hernandez’s set design.  Below are models of the set design from various moments in the play. 

Prologue Model
2th Night 3 Model
2 Orsino Model
Blue World Model
Chandeliers 1 Model
Garden 1 Model