There's nothing worse than family...and nothing better. Miranda has done everything in her power to create a life completely different than the one she came from. But a week before a family celebration, Miranda suffers a lapse of judgment and invites her deliciously eccentric and overbearing mother to come stay. With all the kin in one place, will they all stay in one piece? This heartfelt and hilarious world premiere is about a family of very funny people in the midst of loss, love, and forgiveness.

“Sharyn Rothstein’s By the Water is a solid play about a dissolving world. This Superstorm drama is A FORCE OF NATURE.” – Time Out New York on By the Water

“An affecting new play drawn with acute sympathy and in gritty detail, seasoned with salty humor.” – New York Times on Sharyn Rothstein’s By the Water

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Caroline Aaron Leslie Ayvazian Justin Hagan Stephanie Janssen Ron Orbach Raphael Nash Thompson Jessica Bedford
Caroline Aaron
(Ruth Zweigman)
Leslie Ayvazian
(Monica Tobin)
Justin Hagan
(Stew Mullen)
Stephanie Janssen
(Miranda Blaser)
Ron Orbach
(Delmore Zweigman)
Raphael Nash Thompson
(Baptiste Wright)
Matthew Kuenne
(Jared Blaser)

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May 6 - Opening Night
May 8 - Dialogue on Drama
May 11 - Post-Show Discussion
May 12 - Pride Night Party
May 15 - Post-Show Discussion
May 22 - In Conversation
May 25 - Dinner & Theater
May 29 - Closing Performance