We are thrilled that the special event nature of this engagement gives McCarter audiences an opportunity to experience theater (and these classics) through an exciting new lens. Bedlam’s unique theatrical configuration will enhance the patron experience no matter where you are sitting!


Known for their innovative, site-specific staging, Bedlam’s Hamlet and Saint Joan are performed by four actors playing all roles; ensemble members rocket from character to character at a lightning-bolt’s pace. Bedlam’s kinetic performances will bring these classics to life in McCarter’s Berlind Theatre where stage configuration and audience point-of-view will shift from show to show, and from act to act.


Each play offers patrons a choice of fixed seating OR onstage seating. Patrons have the choice to purchase tickets and watch either or both shows in one of two ways: 1) sitting in the house in a fixed location or 2) sitting onstage for a more interactive, up-close-and-personal relationship to the action.

ONSTAGE SEATING option:  Each onstage ticket holder has the opportunity to see the play—while sitting onstage—from multiple perspectives within any one performance. The seating configuration and audience point-of-view will shift for each act of the play (in both Hamlet and Saint Joan). Ticket holders will be asked to gather in the lobby during both intermissions as the onstage seating is reconfigured for the next act. NOTE: there are a limited number of onstage seats available for each play; onstage seating is general admission.

FIXED SEATING option: Patrons are assigned to a fixed seat inside the theater in the traditional seating format. Patrons will stay in the same assigned seat throughout the duration of the play. NOTE: a select number of fixed seat ticket holders may be invited to sit on stage for one act at each performance (subject to availability).

NOTE: Onstage seating for HAMLET or SAINT JOAN will not be reflected in the seating map when purchasing tickets online. If you would like to purchase onstage seating for either show, please select tickets in ROWS A-C. Call the Ticket Office at 609.258.2787 if you need further assistance.


Seats on Row A-C will be relocated to the stage. See map below.

Opening Night of
Hamlet/Saint Joan
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