Emily Mann

As you can read in their bio, Bedlam is an ambitious and acclaimed company based in New York City where they have invigorated audiences with their inventive productions of classic works. They came onto my radar a few years ago when I heard about a remarkable production of George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan—one of my favorite plays—performed downtown with an ensemble of only four actors. I simply had to witness this feat for myself and was astonished by the clarity of their storytelling and the joy and precision of the actors. From the moment I left that performance, I was determined to bring Bedlam’s work to Princeton.

There are many aspects of Bedlam’s style and aesthetic I admire, in particular their dedication to the audience experience. Indeed, the first line of their mission statement affirms that they are “committed to the immediacy of the relationship between the actor and the audience.” With this in mind, Bedlam puts great thought and care into innovative stagings that offer constantly shifting perspectives: an experience I found quite exhilarating in performance.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Bedlam is that the same company of four actors performs not one, but two, of the most iconic classic plays in repertory. If you only have tickets to one production, I encourage you to return for the other and appreciate the full breadth of Bedlam’s accomplishments and consider these two powerful plays in conversation with each other.

There’s still lots left to enjoy of our season, including Ken Ludwig’s masterful adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, the next play in our Theater Series. For more information about tickets, you’re always welcome to call our Ticket Office at (609) 258.2787.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to send your thoughts and impressions to emann@mccarter.org.

Emily Mann

Opening Night of
Hamlet/Saint Joan
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