Quotes on Bedlam

“No troupe in New York these days rides the storytelling momentum of theater more resourcefully or enthusiastically than Bedlam.” - Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Through movement, music and creative staging, their Shakespeare is compelling, contemporary, and never boring.” – American Theatre
“Staging two massive plays like Shakespeare’s Hamlet and George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan simultaneously might seem crazy, but the insanely talented folks performing them now…make it look like a stroke of genius.”  - Theatremania


Quotes on Hamlet

“An experience so intense and concentrated that you’ll feel as though you were part of the action.”
- Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

“The Bedlam company has staged a lively, modern and amiable production.” -  The New York Times

"Masterful… This juxtaposition of the comic and the tragic, coupled with the breathtaking talent of its actors, makes Bedlam’s HAMLET one of the richest, most entertaining theatrical experiences you may have this season.” -  Theatermania

“An engaging, highly physical production of Shakespeare’s complex masterpiece.”  -Time Out New York

Bedlam’s signature skill is capturing the soul of a classic, distilling it to its essence, and presenting it with vigor and immediacy… HAMLET comes alive.  - Stage Magazine

“Bedlam’s production of Hamlet never fails to be one of the most thrilling theatrical experiences to come along in recent memory…The fast pacing and constant action, punctuated by dozens of Shakespeare’s most famous lines and speeches, ensure that audiences will come out of this play thinking of nothing but the next time they’ll be able to see it again. Bedlam’s Hamlet is a production and an experience that should not be missed.” - Washington Square News

“Bedlam’s production is full of twists and turns like these that at times make the audience gasp with delight at the creativity…Every member of the ensemble is so full of energy it is impossible not to be captivated by his or her every movement…Bedlam’s Hamlet is a rollercoaster of high-energy, emotional powerhouse performances that you don’t want to miss.”-


Quotes on Saint Joan

“Let’s just get right to it, shall we? Go see this show.” - Showbusiness Weekly

“Anyone who listens to the eminently sane and persuasive voices of Bedlam is destined to become a convert.” - Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"What a rare and rich treat to see a group of performers stretch the classics as far as possible.” and “a production to be treasured.”  - Eric Grode, The New York Times (CRITICS’ PICK)

“This doughty quartet, armed with minimal costume and light and no set to speak of, burn like meteors through Shaw’s meta-historic epic.” and“The Bedlam theater company works genuine miracles.” - Scott Brown, New York Magazine

“Unforgettable… the most exciting George Bernard Shaw revival I’ve ever seen, bar none.”
- The Wall Street Journal *BEST REVIVAL OF 2012*

“A superlative sense of stagecraft…nothing short of genius.” - Andy Propst, Huffington Post

“driving, ferocious energy.”  - Backstage (CRITIC’S PICK)

“Completely Riveting… the play shines in that role with a newfound luster.”
“BEDLAM’s SAINT JOAN captures the soul of Shaw’s play, and puts it before us in a stripped-bare, unpretentious, and completely riveting production.” – Stage Magazine

“One of the richest and most exhilarating nights you’re likely to spend at the theater for a long time.”

Opening Night of
Hamlet/Saint Joan
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