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Playwright Joshua Casteel

Posted by Adam Immerwahr on November 9th, 2007


This is a video of Joshua Casteel, who served eight years in the US Army, including seven months as an interrogator and Arabic linguist in the Iraq War. Joshua was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector and he is now a dual-MFA candidate at the Iowa Playwrights Workshop and the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program. On June 19th 2006, Joshua appeared alongside Vaclav Havel, Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard, and Jeremy Irons on the stage of the Royal Court Theatre for Human Rights Watch’s Cries From the Heart performing a monologue from his play Returns, which premiered at Iowa February 15th-18th 2007 and then at Columbia College in Chicago February 19th 2007. January 1st 2008 The Essay Press will release a book of Joshua’s war letters entitled Letters From Abu Ghraib; he is also writing a memoir entitled No Graven Image.In early December, McCarter will be presenting a public reading of Joshua’s auto-biographical play, Returns, as part of a Political Theatre Event with Princeton University. More details soon, but I thought you’d enjoy this sneak peak.

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Posted by Adam Immerwahr, Producing Associate at McCarter Theatre.

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  1. DeepPeace Says:

    Not a day goes by that I do not think of and pray for those being tortured in the bush/cheney gulags. It is an indirect threat to all of us the way the Romans used the horror of public crucifician so that people would know what would happen to them if they criticised the empire. But the desire for freedom of religion and tyranny gave enough people the courage to overthrow the Roman empire whatever the cost.

    Who would Jesus torture, after having been tortured himself? Christians need to start speaking out against these atrocities being done in our names.

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