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Haiku Winner

Posted by Adam Immerwahr on October 6th, 2008
BD Wong in <i>Herringbone</i>, photo by Rich Termine.
BD Wong in Herringbone, photo by Rich Termine

As I’m sure you know, there were five entries in our Herringbone Haiku Competition this year, each exhibiting great humor, accuracy, and mastery of the haiku form.  Because of the strength of most of the entries, I’ve decided to announce both a winner and a runner-up (who will be given the prize—a pair of free tickets to any Theater Series production this season—in the event that the winner fails to claim his or her prize.

The runner up is Lanny Baugniet, whose Haiku won points for alliteration and accuracy in describing the plot of Herringbone in only 9 words, with his excellent haiku:

Dazzling dancing frog
Elicits bizarre revenge
On killer chicken

We enjoyed Lanny’s Haiku on many levels, and thought it a fine piece of writing.  But the winning Haiku showed a level of artistry, wit, ability to quote Sondheim, and downright mastery of the Haiku form while also creating a spot-on description of the dramatic arc of Herringbone.  I give you Freddy’s brilliant and contest-winning Haiku:

The practical frog
Having no legs of its own
Borrows another’s

Hearty congratulations to all who participated.  Freddy, we’ll be e-mailing you soon to set up your free tickets.  If you missed the contest cut-off, and still want to share your Haiku brilliance, feel free to post a Haiku in the comments section below.  You won’t win anything, but we’ll enjoy reading your Haiku anyway.

Posted by Adam Immerwahr, Producing Associate at McCarter Theatre.

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  1. Freddie Says:

    Wow, thanks, Adam.

    Can I cede my prize to the runner-up? Lanny’s haiku really made me laugh, and that would be my way of thanking him for that.

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