Emily Mann on Phaedra Backwards

Emily MannDear Patrons,

It brings me great joy to welcome you to the world premiere of Marina Carr’s latest work, Phaedra Backwards

A storyteller cut from the same cloth as those poets who told the Phaedra myth thousands of years ago, Marina Carr has been dubbed by The Abbey Theatre (the national theater of Ireland) as one of “Ireland’s greats.” Her plays have ignited imaginations on both sides of the Atlantic for their bold, theatrical, and modern renderings of ancient tales. In her re-imagining of the Phaedra myth, Marina delves into Phaedra’s fractured past to make sense of her crumbling present.  Nobody else could have written this play. She has turned the Phaedra myth on its head with ferocity, poetry, and her singular imagination. 

In economic times like these, I feel extraordinary gratitude toward McCarter's supporters, whose generosity has allowed us to be one of the very few theaters in the country able to commission and produce ambitious works like Phaedra Backwards. It takes years of work, planning, and design to create a production like this one—and none of it would have been possible without McCarter's individual donors, our foundation and corporate supporters, and particularly the Mellon Foundation, whose unprecedented leadership is quietly transforming the American Theater. McCarter is one of only a few of the top theaters in this country to receive their support, a reflection of their belief in our vision, our impact on the national theater, and the quality of the work on our stages. To them, and to all of the other supporters who have made McCarter's mission possible, thank you.

If you would like to support theater like Phaedra Backwards and allow McCarter to fulfill its unique mission to develop and produce vital new plays by the most important and engaging playwrights of our time, I urge you to lend your support as well. Whether it is a new subscription, a renewed or increased donation, or simply spreading the word about McCarter to your friends and colleagues, every one of you can make a difference. Many thanks.

All best,

Emily Mann