The Laurie Berkner Band - The Greatest Hits Concert

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2024 at 11:00AM & 3:00PM

VENUE Matthews
Please Note We require guests 12 and under to be accompanied by an adult. Babies under 1 year sitting on laps are free, but you must reserve a ticket. Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.


In the world of children's music, Laurie Berkner isn't just popular, she's an icon.

The Denver Post

Born in France and raised in Princeton, Laurie Berkner cut her teeth in rock bands before stumbling on an innate talent for writing songs that connected with kids. Her music has captivated generations of children, speaking to their experiences and empathizing with their humanity, free of condescension. Songs like “Pig on Her Head” and “We Are the Dinosaurs” brim with child-like wonder, and more self-effacing tunes such as “I’m Not Perfect” or “I’m a Mess” preach the beauty of imperfection—reminders useful to both parents and kids. A pioneer in what is now referred to as the progressive “kindie rock” movement—a less saccharine style of music for children and their parents—Berkner’s shows delight and inspire with music you won’t mind hearing on repeat.  

Laurie will perform two matinee shows, including an early solo sensory friendly and relaxed performance for audiences with sensory sensitivities. The second show will feature Laurie and her full band. For more information on what to expect for Relaxed Performances at McCarter click here. 


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The Laurie Berkner Band will perform their classic hits such as “We Are the Dinosaurs” and “Victor Vito,” as well as some new songs.

Bring an animal (for your head) and your dancing shoes!

Every Ticket Includes a Donation

$1 of every ticket sold will support the Princeton-based nonprofit Good Grief, an organization that teaches resiliency and facilitates healthy coping in the lives of over 900 children each month who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This collaboration is supported by Twinkle Arts for Good



Laurie Berkner Solo! A “Greatest Hits” Relaxed Performance

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2024 at 11:00AM

For her relaxed performance, Laurie performs in an environment that has been adapted to provide a welcoming atmosphere for individuals with autism, learning differences, or other sensory and communication needs, so that they and their families may enjoy Laurie's live performance together.

At a relaxed performance, the concert is performed at the same high quality as always, with the light and sound levels adjusted slightly to create a more sensory-sensitive environment. Relaxed performances are “shush-free” zones where patrons are free to talk and leave their seats throughout the performance, as well as bringing their own snacks, fidgets, and communications devices with them to their seats.

Most of all, a relaxed performance is a judgment-free environment, where all are welcome to enjoy the performance in whatever way makes the experience work for them.