Apprenticeship Application Form

Application must be submitted by:
March 1 for Stage Management Apprentice candidates.
March 15 for Artistic and Education Apprentice candidates & Artistic Summer Internship candidates.
March 30 for Education Summer Internship candidates.

To Apply:

Please Note: All application materials must be submitted at one time in order for your application to be considered.  Please gather all your application materials prior to applying.

  1. Prepare RÉSUMÉ of theater and/or related experience.

  2. PERSONAL STATEMENT should be no longer than one page and should address some of the following questions:
    - Which position are you applying for and why is this role right for you?*
    - Why a theater apprenticeship at McCarter Theatre Center?
    - What are your current career goals?
    - Why is this the right time in your life/career for this apprenticeship?
    - What do you hope to gain and contribute to McCarter through this apprenticeship?
    *Those applying for multiple positions should create individual personal statements for each position and indicate rank in order of most preferred position.

  3. Apprenticeship Candidates Only: Prepare TWO (2) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from professionals familiar with your experience and skills.
    The following must be addressed:
    - How long and in what capacity the individual has known the applicant
    - How the applicant has shown interest and potential for a career in their area of choice
    - The applicant’s ability for the apprenticeship for which they are applying
    - How the applicant handles responsibility and works under pressure

  4. FILL OUT APPLICATION below and attach required items as one PDF document.

For more information, please contact the apprentice coordinator at

McCarter welcomes and encourages applications from aspiring artists, administrators, and craftspeople of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds.

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