McCarter Summer Camp 2024

This summer, McCarter will offer students from ages 7 to 15 the chance to fully immerse themselves in a creative process.

As with McCarter’s education programs, our Summer Camps are taught by highly experienced creative arts professionals, including actors, theatre directors, choreographers, musical directors, designers, and visual artists

McCarter's summer camp creates safe learning spaces and offers opportunities for all campers to develop artistic techniques, social skills, and imaginative thinking.

McCarter Summer Camp challenges each child to find their unique voice while working collaboratively within an ensemble — all in the joyful spirit of summer! 

The Company

For campers ages 7 to 8.


The Troupe

For campers ages 9 to 10.


The Ensemble

For campers ages 11 to 12.


The Performers

For campers ages 13 to 15. 


Additional Info

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