About Us

McCarter’s mission is to create stories and experiences that enliven minds, expand imaginations and engage communities via performing arts. We work together with audiences, artists, avid thinkers and active learners to:

• Explore new stories and perspectives with relentless curiosity
• Champion a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible future
• Open hearts and minds to the truths in ourselves, our communities and society
• Share ideas and innovations that expand opportunities to engage with the performing arts

Our work is led by our values of justice and joy, beauty and belonging.

Justice: We bring together diverse perspectives, voices and generations. Whether it’s onstage, behind the scenes and with audiences, we’re championing a fairer future for all of us.

Joy: The way we work together is as important as the work we make. We center generosity in all we say and do with each other to create life affirming experiences that celebrate our shared humanity and help us make meaning of our world.

Beauty: We value the multitudes of lived experiences and histories and pursue art that is expansive, essential, and exhilarating. Participating in that which is infused with beauty makes us feel more alive and more deeply connected to one another.

Belonging: We strive to bring out the artist in all of us by opening minds and opportunities through the performing arts. We listen to learn and create spaces, places and programs that empower everyone to be part of our creative community.