Privacy Policy

McCarter Theatre Center is committed to protecting the privacy of our patrons.

Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

We will not trade or sell your phone number or e-mail address to any other business or organization. We communicate information to our customers by email and phone only regarding McCarter Theatre Center business.

Mailing Address Information

McCarter Theatre Center collects mailing address information primarily to inform its patrons about upcoming performances and activities. We may also use our mailing and phone lists to ask for your support of our Annual Fund campaign. We do not rent or sell our mailing lists to commercial businesses. We may occasionally make mailing address information available to other select organizations, including but not limited to non-profit arts organizations, affiliated organizations, or agents working on our behalf. We may also provide aggregated data to these and other organizations.

Opting Out

If you do not wish to receive information from McCarter Theatre Center, you may opt out at any time by emailing us at: You may also call us at: 609.258.2787. Or you may write to us at: McCarter Theatre Center, 91 University Place, Princeton, NJ 08540. When you contact us, please let us know if you do not wish to receive mail, phone calls, emails, or have your mailing information traded to other arts or non-profit organizations.


Our website contains links to other websites that we think our patrons may find of interest. McCarter Theatre Center does not review these websites and is not responsible for their content or their privacy practices.


McCarter Theatre Center uses browser cookies in order to conduct its online transactions.  These cookies enable our systems to, among other things, recognize your browser, track transactions, and allow you to navigate our website without having to re-enter information.

We may from time to time allow third party vendors or other organizations to access our cookie pool in a manner that does not share personally identifiable information for analysis or marketing purposes.

Third Party Service Providers

McCarter Theatre Center may engage reputable third party vendors in order to help us manage our website and allow us to better service our visitors and customers. These may include third party vendors engaged to analyze, for marketing purposes, the information collected on our website.


The contents of this website including all images, text, video, and audio are for personal, educational, and noncommercial use only. No part of this website may be reproduced in any form without written consent from McCarter Theatre Center.