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Opening Nights

Invitations to Opening Nights are a premium benefit to members of the Director's Circle. Guests attend a pre-show dinner, enjoy the performance alongside artistic guests, and celebrate with cast and crew at the post-show cast party.

Director's Cuts

Director's Cuts provide an opportunity for Sponsor Level members and above to attend a private rehearsal for each Theatre Series show. Each one lets you see the cast in action, then hear insights from the director about why each choice was made.

Set Tours

Set Tours allow members at the Sponsor Level and above to get a behind-the-scenes look at the set of each Theatre Series show. Learn about why certain design choices were made, the process of building each set piece, and the artistry that goes into making each show come to life!

Member Lounges

For select performances in the Matthews Theater, Member Lounges are open to all members attending. Come join us for a dollar off all drinks, and a quieter, more exclusive atmosphere before the show.


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