I am in 5th grade, you are in Kindergarten

April 13, 14, 19, 20 & 21, 2018

Venue Berlind Theatre
Advisory This production contains adult themes and language.


FNU LNU by Mac Wellman, one of Fornés fellow avant garde playwrights, musically follows a king of the numbers racket in 1940s Tampa, a small-time could-be killer named Deezo, anarchists, talking reptiles and a stop at the county morgue. In the world premiere of Migdalia Cruz's play, commissioned by Princeton, The Book of Miaou-Wow-Wow: Don’t Drink Everything Your Mother Pours You, this Fornés longtime friend and student, presents a new play inspired by Colette’s short story “Gribiche” and Fornés’ play Promenade about an unconventional family of cabaret performers who unite to help one of their own who collapses on stage. It is also the story of people who tell such stories and the ones who listen, and a cabaret about women, reproductive rights, and memory. This evening of theater, honoring perhaps the most influential yet least well-known American playwright, is in conjunction with the Latinx Theater Commons María Irene Fornés Institute Symposium and part of the Princeton University Art Museum Migrations Project. Concurrent with this show is a production of Fornés landmark play, Fefu and Her Friends.

Please note: all seating is on the Berlind stage.