Jeff Tweedy: Solo Acoustic

April 18, 2018

Venue Matthews Theatre


Alternative country? Alternative rock? Contemporary Folk? Take your pick, they all describe the music of Jeff Tweedy, whose 30-year career as singer/songwriter/guitarist started with the founding of Uncle Tupelo (1987-1994). Tweedy’s legendary status was confirmed as the frontman of Wilco, a super-group in the pop music scene since 1995 that picked up two Grammys.  Tweedy’s early influences were punk and country music, and he has since gone on to explore every genre. If you’re a serious Wilco fan, your CD library contains at least two of the band’s ten CDs, certainly Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2001) and A Ghost is Born (2004), and maybe even Sky Blue Sky (2007). Last year, Tweedy released his first solo album, Together at Last, on which he recorded new versions of nine Wilco songs plus a couple from earlier side projects.

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