The Bad Plus

June 8, 2018

Venue Berlind Theatre


For 17 years, The Bad Plus has defied easy categorization, embracing sonic adventure with new-millennium rhythms and succulent harmonic flights. This intensely collaborative trio has constantly searched for rules to break and boundaries to cross, bridging genres and techniques in their trademark specialty: deconstructing songs from the pop/rock and R&B worlds, and better than anyone at mixing the sensibilities of post-60s jazz and indie rock.  Lineup changes are nothing new in the jazz world, and this year the Philadelphia-based Orrin Evans joined Reid Anderson and David King as the group’s pianist, replacing Ethan Iverson in the era-defining left-of-center trio. A longtime fixture of the jazz scene in his native Philadelphia, Evans has had his own trio (Tarbaby) and has something in common with both Anderson and King: passion. With a new CD with Evans already in the works, the trio has pledged to keep playing the compositions that led them to stardom in the first place as the acoustic jazz trio for the future.