Strings For Peace


Venue Berlind Theatre


Crossed barriers of language, culture, uniting people through music and melody…The power of their performance rocked the hall.

Times of India

The sarod and the guitar belong to a common family of stringed musical instruments.  Through this collaboration, Strings for Peace strives to preserve the essence of both Indian and Western traditions so they can flow into each other without artistic compromise.  Each of the artists brings the spirit of sharing the great unique treasures of their own artistic traditions, as well as finding common ground in Ragas and Medieval modes. The idea is to achieve a cross-fertilization at both the cellular and cosmic levels of two classical music traditions, which are often held to be radically different. This is a blissful dream of a project, infused with the unique amalgamated contributions of artists united under a common aegis, regardless of their diverse backgrounds, cultures, traditions, generations, genders, religions, upbringing, and career paths.

Strings For Peace was performed in India in February 2019 with Sharon Isbin, Amaan Ali Bangash, and Ayaan Ali Bangash. The world premiere with Amjad Ali Khan will take place in summer 2020.



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