Memphis Jookin': The Show

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2022 at 7:30PM

VENUE Matthews Theater


Renowned dance artist Lil Buck conceives, choreographs, and performs in a new touring production called Memphis Jookin’: The Show an ode to Lil Buck’s hometown of Memphis,TN, the birthplace of the singular dance style known as Memphis Jookin’.

The 90-minute stageshow takes us on a journey to the fabled city to chronicle how the art form emerged from local street dance to international phenomenon. 

Click here to read a personal note about Memphis Jookin' from McCarter's Director of Special Programming, Bill Lockwood.

PLEASE NOTE: All guests, regardless of age or vaccination status, will be required to wear masks while inside the theater buildingsPlease review our COVID-19 policy to learn more.



Lil Buck performs Memphis Jookin | The Kennedy Center