Pam Tanowitz Dance & Simone Dinnerstein

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022 at 8:00PM

VENUE Matthews Theater


A joint creation of the choreographer Pam Tanowitz and the pianist Simone Dinnerstein, this “riveting dialogue of movement and music” (New York Times) caused a sensation this past season at its New York premiere at the Joyce.


Dinnerstein (whose 2007 CD of The Goldberg Variations put her on the map) plays live with Pam Tanowitz Dance, bringing her nuanced understanding of Bach’s demanding score to Tanowitz’ witty and unflinching abstractions of classical and popular dance forms. The result is a delightful interplay of rhythm, style, and idiosyncrasy, which The New York Times called “a pinnacle of musical inventiveness, stellar from start to finish” – and a revelation for both music and dance audiences.  



Simone Dinnerstein, Piano & Pam Tanowitz Dance | 'New Work for Goldberg Variations' EPK

Simone Dinnerstein and Pam Tanowitz Dance "New Work for Goldberg Variations"


"Q+A With Pam Tanowitz and Simone Dinnerstein" 

Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston