A bold character drama

Blues for an Alabama Sky

MAY 6 - MAY 28

Venue Berlind Theater
Run Time 2 hours and 45 minutes with a 15 minutes intermission
Advisory This production includes sexual/suggestive content, the use of a prop gun, a gunshot sound effect and references to alcoholism, abortion, birth control, homophobia and death caused by childbirth.
Masked Required Performance Wednesday, May 24th at 7:30pm. Concessions will not be available for masked performances.


It ends with tragedy and a swirl of hope, but oh, what a gorgeous ride…and director Nicole A. Watson's BRILLIANT PRODUCTION is one to SAVOR …She choreographs the action so that it moves inexorably to a beautiful, chest-patting heartbreak.

Star Tribune

About The Play 

In a Depression-era Harlem apartment building, a close-knit group of friends has become a chosen family. New roommates Angel and Guy — a recently fired blues singer and a promising costume designer with Paris in his sights — live across the hall from Delia, a social worker who sparks a relationship with the hardworking doctor Sam. Their lives are upturned when a Southern newcomer Leland arrives and falls hard for Angel, who is torn between a stable life in New York City and an exhilarating overseas adventure with Guy. Angel chooses her path, but the decision leads to devastating consequences that shift the trajectory of everyone’s futures and long-held dreams.



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