Costumes and Characters

The Costumes for The Convert are designed by Paul Tazewell. Paul did extensive research to create costumes that are authentic to the time period (1895-1896) and to the place (Salisbury, the city that would later become Harare, Zimbabwe, and the rural villages of the region).  Sketches below show the distinctive silhouettes of the mid-1890s, and also illustrate the ways in which certain characters move between Chilford’s westernized household in Salisbury and their home village.

Mai Tamba:  A woman, mother of the earth, in her mid fifties. Jekesai/Ester: A girl in her late teens. Chilford: A man in his early to mid thirties.
Tamba: A man in his early to mid twenties. Chancellor: A man in his early to mid thirties. Uncle: A man in his forties or fifties. Prudence: A woman in her early thirties.