Oran Etkin: Timbalooloo

SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2023 at 11:00AM

VENUE Berlind Theater


Oran Etkin is widely regarded as one of the top clarinetists and composers of his generation. The No. 1 rising star clarinetist in a recent DownBeat magazine Critic’s Poll, Etkin has garnered significant acclaim as a writer and player. But with Timbalooloo, he seeks to do more than just play; the program strives to expose children and families to the richness of global culture in New York and beyond, empowering a new generation to become fluent in the language of music. The educational program comprises classes, workshops, and albums like Finding Friends Far From Home: A Journey with Clara Net, which Etkin will perform at McCarter. The concert starts with a problem... Etkin’s friend Clara (who later turns out to be Clara Net - his clarinet) fell asleep and came to the concert in her bed! The children help Etkin wake her up, and Clara Net calls for her mother, Big Mama Tuba, who answers from the back of the audience with a rumble! Together with the full band, Etkin takes the children on a journey around the world, exploring different instruments and cultures and discovering how vibrant global cultures form the backbone of American music and society. When possible, the concert incorporates projections to help immerse the children into the stories, and a study guide is available to schools interested in digging deeper.


Recommended for ages 2 – 8, older or younger family members or friends are welcome, too! 

All attendees must have their own tickets. Complimentary admissions for children under the age of one (babies in arms) may be acquired by calling McCarter’s Patron Services office.





Oran Etkin has been described as “Ebullient” by the New York Times. His music can be heard on major concert stages throughout the world and a Grammy Award Winning album, but he is also equally at home sitting cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by a gaggle of children as he shows them how to make instruments come alive and speak the language of music. Etkin’s project for children, Timbalooloo, is one of the few young-audiences productions to be embraced by major theaters and jazz festivals all around the world — from Kennedy Center to Istanbul Jazz Fest, North Sea Jazz to Shanghai Theater. Now with his latest Timbalooloo album and live-show, “Finding Friends Far From Home, A Journey With Clara Net” Etkin shares his love of cultures from around the world with children back home. The alum was recorded on-location in Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Turkey and China and tells a story of Clara Net (Etkin’s clarinet) meeting new instrument friends and creating new music across cultural boundaries.