Engagement Events

McCarter offers a variety of ways to enrich and complement your theater-going experience.

Events are FREE and open to the public.

Inside Story

Join us 45 minutes before any performance in our Theater Series for a 20-minute talk led by a member of McCarter’s artistic staff. Inside Story presentations provide a sneak peek into what inspired the playwright and intriguing tidbits about the production, and offer a few things to look and listen out for as you experience the play in performance. Don’t worry—we promise not to give away the ending!

Dialogue on Drama

An in-depth post-show interview with a member of the creative team, often the playwright or director, that offers audiences a window into the artistic process of bringing a play to life. The interview is followed by questions and reflections from the audience. This event is scheduled following the 2pm matinee on the Sunday after opening night.

Post-Show Discussions

Interactive moderated conversations typically featuring cast members are offered to the public twice during every theater series production, and are facilitated by a member of McCarter's artistic staff. These discussions focus on a range of topics including how artistic choices were made for the production, the actors’ process, and reflections and questions from audience members.