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Bard at the Gate

A simple glance at plays that are ground-breaking: plays that were too ambitious, too quirky, and too smart to be contained.

Strong scripts. Raw talent. New audiences. New Bards.




Written by Dipika Guha
Directed by Nicole A. Watson

In the fifties, on an island colonized by the British, an English couple kidnap a child indigenous to the island. On National Sorry Day the child, now a visual artist, has been asked to participate in the proceedings where “both sides” peaceably reconcile. Passing is a confrontation with a brutally violent history which resists erasure.

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Charles Francis Chan Jr.'s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery

Written by Lloyd Suh
Directed by Ralph B. Peña

In 1967, Berkeley grad student Frank Chan and his artist-activist girlfriend Kathy Ching are staging a revolution. Amid the backdrop of ongoing war in Vietnam and a peak in the Civil Rights movement, they devise a wild, impulsive theatrical trip through the history of Asians in America, from the ancestral railways of their forebears to the shameful legacy of Charlie Chan stereotypes.

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Sonnets for an Old Century

Written & Directed by José Rivera

In the afterlife, 18 total strangers face the unknown and answer the question: if you had one statement to make about your life, if you had one last story to tell the universe, what would you say?" From the author of "Marisol" and "The Motorcycle Diaries.


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How to Raise a Freeman

Written by Zakiyyah Alexander
Directed by Reginald L. Douglas

A drama about living Black in a White America where every 28 hours a Black Man is killed by police, the play poses the question – how does a middle-class family teach their son to stay alive?

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The Manic Monologues

In collaboration with Princeton University Health Services, The 24 Hour Plays, and Innovations in Socially Distant Performance at the Lewis Center for the Arts.

Take a journey through the minds and voices of people who bravely share the way mental illness has affected their lives, performed by a celebrated cast of actors – enhanced by interactive design and technology.


Fireside Chats

Artistic Director Sarah Rasmussen hosts a new web series! Keeping social distance, we've invited a few guests from our community to join us in conversation on McCarter's front lawn. Tune-in each week as she interviews inspiring students, Pulitzer Prize-winners, local business owners, and everyone in between.